DREADNOUGHT - Modular Wall Assets

Some modular wall assets I modeled and textured for Dreadnought.

The idea was to build some sort of containment structure that fit around some volcanic pits. We opted for a modular hexagonal set.

1,020 Tris (2k textures)
Main wall = 650 Triangles
Junction = 210 Triangles
End = 160 Triangles

Company: Yager
Project: Dreadnought [https://www.greybox.com/dreadnought/en/]
Concept by: Josef Staengl [https://www.artstation.com/josef_staengl] and me
Art Direction: Mihai Titoiu
Lead Environment Artist: Robert Bergmann

Asset in use on the map "Amirani"

Asset in use on the map "Amirani"